Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Team Awesome - Ch 3 TEASER

“Ohhhh Edwaaaaaaard!”

I heard Alice calling me from down on the beach so I lifted my head to peer over the edge of the deck. Jasper, Jake and Sam had already started making their way back up to the house. Alice was headed my way, hands behind her back with a face the picture of innocence. She was definitely up to no good.

“Ohhhhh Aliiiiiice!” I called back to her.

“Eddie Poo, aren't you lonesome up here all by yourself?”

“I was actually quite enjoying the solitude. There's only so much of you I can handle in any 24 hour period.” I teased with a wink, she just rolled her eyes and climbed up the remaining stairs and onto the deck.

“Well, just in case, I brought you a preeeeeseent!” a long string of giggles escaped her and I scrambled to my feet, backing away from the tiny approaching menace.

“I-I really don't need any presents, but thanks for thinking of me Ali. You're too kind but I'm sure Jazz or one of the boys would like a gift far more than I would.” I was running out of a room to run and needed to make a decision soon. Stand my ground a see what Alice was about to spring on me, or make a run for it up to the house... I could admit, running from Alice seemed like a pretty pansey move but it was very tempting. Alice was tiny but scary.

“Are you suuuuuure?” she stopped moving towards me but her innocent smile went crooked into a sly grin as she pulled whatever it was from behind her back.

“POW! POW! POW!” she shouted and she pulled a small bright orange squirt gun out and shot me with cold water right... on my crotch.

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